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Drillworks® Software Suite overview

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rilling challenges from abnormal formation pore pressure and wellbore instability related events cost the industry almost $8 billion every year. Drillworks® software helps both engineering and geoscience domains better understand the subsurface environment and avoid costly delays. Analyze and model pore pressure and geomechanics to anticipate problems, reduce uncertainty, and optimize wellbore design for safer and improved drilling performance.


Reduce non-productive time.


A recent study cited that 44% of non-productive time (NPT) was associated with geopressure and wellbore instability related problems. Drillworks software analyzes and models geopressure, stress, and wellbore stability in an integrated visualization environment to help operators mitigate geopressure and wellbore instability problems and reduce NPT.


Create high-quality wellbores.


Wellbore stability problems are frequently encountered when drilling deviated wellbores, and near salt or tectonically active regions. Drillworks software models wellbore conditions that can lead to wellbore collapse, lost circulation, stuck pipe, casing collapse, or reservoir damage. The technology can help minimize the chance of over- or under-designed drilling programs.

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