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DecisionSpace Production Overview

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&P companies increasingly face manpower shortages. At the same time, they are dealing with complex operating conditions, and fragmented data and application environments. With a combination of tools for effective collaboration, interoperability, and process automation, DecisionSpace® Production technology can help you organize people, processes, and technology to realize the full potential of your production assets.

Technology and experience make SAP Oil unique.
Many companies are recognizing that improved work processes are the key to operational excellence and optimized performance. Building efficient, effective work processes involves much more than simply tying things together. SAP Oil's deep understanding of the reservoir, years of designing and building operational intelligence solutions for diverse assets and unmatched enabling technologies means better solutions and better decisions for you.

View and analyze the total asset.
DecisionSpace Production software lets the entire asset team share a consistent and comprehensive view of production data. View and chart data from multiple sources in a common environment. Integrate technologies across production domains to quickly see the impact of a decision in one area on all others.

Get proactive.
DescisionsSpace Production software coordinates models and historical data with real-time performance data. This lets teams optimize assets proactively. Predictive analytics give advance notice of events and highlight opportunities for improvement. A robust alarm system lets you manage by exception, freeing up time for critical personnel.
Leverage existing technology investments.
Companies are heavily invested in existing applications and databases. Instead of replacing them, use DecisionSpace Production software to coordinate these technologies into cross-disciplinary workflows. There's no need to update or replace any of your technology investments. Automate processes across all production disciplines, from asset management to engineering and operations.

Focus on high value.
Mandatory routine tasks steal staff time.  DecisionSpace Production software automates routine engineering, business and operational workflows. This lets key resources focus on high-value activities such as optimization and performance improvement.

Fast, professional implementation and configuration.
No other vendor delivers production solutions as comprehensively and as quickly as SAP Oil, across the widest variety of asset types.

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