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TOW cs

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ydrocarbon allocation is an interconnected set of functions for field data capture, production volume accounting, daily and monthly operations reporting and regulatory reporting. TOW/cs software collects and reports on operational information to internal customers such as operations, engineering, field planning, and revenue accounting and generates reports to royalty owners, joint venture partners, purchasers, service companies, transporters and various government organizations.

The tools you need.

Whether you need to capture data in the field, add, remove, modify or revise production network information, report to management or pass allocated production to accounting, TOW/cs software can help get the job done. Regardless of the situation you are facing, TOW/cs software can help solve the challenge of hydrocarbon allocation while dealing with large numbers of data sources.

Proven capabilities and reliability.

TOW/cs software has been used for allocation around the world and across nearly every asset type.  Its features and functions have been improved continuously through user feedback and input.  Oil and gas producers have been depending on TOW/cs software to help manage their assets for years.

Control your data.

Use TOW/cs software for  daily field data entry of meter readings, tank gauges, well tests, well downtime, pressures, compressor readings, runs, disposal, injection data, and more. Error checking input validation and carry-forward of the previous day's applicable data elements increase both accuracy and data entry speed. Immediately generate graphs of the captured data and perform daily allocations.
Proven calculations.
Sales of oil and gas plus the disposition of produced water are assigned proportionately back to their production sources according to their individual contribution of raw fluids to the sale by TOW/cs software. The process can use a variety of allocation methodologies.

Flexible solution.

No matter what type of asset you manage, where your data is located, how you are organized, or what challenges you face, TOW/cs software is designed to adapt to your needs. Quick analysis, readily available charts and graphs, and run time execution options give users the flexibility they need to deliver accurate, timely information.

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