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DecisionSpace Software Development Kit

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ack of interoperability and data access across diverse technologies can complicate fit-for-purpose workflows and prevent operators from achieving maximum return on technology investments. Using the DecisionSpace® platform and Software Development Kit (SDK), asset teams can ensure workflow integration across multiple technologies and E&P disciplines. The DecisionSpace SDK provides the tools and documentation necessary for software vendors to efficiently create and deploy plug-ins for the collaborative DecisionSpace platform.

Develop unique E&P workflows for specific challenges.
With the Decisionspace SDK, software developers can integrate custom algorithms and proprietary code with existing DecisionSpace workflows, or build whole new applications and plug-ins. Extend the unified environment and integrate workflows in unique ways to solve specific business and technical challenges.

Access data from the industry-standard data management system.
Unlike E&P systems built on flat files, DecisionSpace workflows are built on the OpenWorks® database, the industry-standard geoscience data management system. In addition to application interoperability, E&P professionals gain seamless data integration. The DecisionSpace SDK also enables access to other leading data stores, including the Engineer's Data Model database and PowerHub software.

Choose the appropriate level of integration.
Oil companies and vendors can choose the method that meets the need at hand. Embed plug-ins or applications into the DecisionSpace platform to ensure seamless interoperability, using common code, interfaces and full data access. Or connect an external application to interact with the unified workspace using cursor tracking, drag-and-drop, and access to selected OpenWorks data.

Reduce application and plug-in development time and risk.
All DecisionSpace SDK components and services—the same tools used to develop SAP Oil's applications—are rigorously tested and continually improved to ensure reliability and stability. Examples and expert documentation reduce the learning curve. The SDK insulates development and production environments from changes in the data model or the need to understand the source code.

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