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PetroBank Master Data Store

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pstream oil and gas companies generate huge amounts of seismic, well, production and related technical data in many different formats, including structured digital files and unstructured hardcopy maps, charts and documents. PetroBank® Master Data Store™ software is the industry’s leading solution for the efficient and secure storage, preservation, and distribution of diverse E&P information to users within a single company or a multi-client regional or national network. Solutions include in-house data management or online managed services.

Quality control all E&P data in one system.
PetroBank Master Data Store software technology can store all E&P technical information in the company, including voluminous pre- and post-stack seismic and well log data. The software’s unique capabilities enable users to order, query, edit, map and overlay critical information. Well-defined quality assurance processes provide peace of mind about any data retrieved.
Customize to meet specific data requirements.
For majors, national oil companies or midsize independents, PetroBank Master Data Store software provides a proven, scalable, vendor-neutral data management infrastructure based on best-of-breed technology. It can be customized to meet the data delivery requirements of any organization or national data bank. Deploy it internally or access it online through SAP Oil’s cloud services.

Protect the entire system with multi-layer security.
The PetroBank Master Data Store application offers unmatched multi-level security, imposing tight controls on access to the network, data, systems, applications, and physical data bank. Extensive security features include full setting of entitlements, mechanisms for intruder alerts and disaster recovery. The system securely supports both corporate and multi-client access models.

Reduce data duplication and distribution costs.
With PetroBank Master Data Store software, critical data is always at users’ fingertips, minimizing the usual costs of locating, duplicating and distributing data. Once loaded into the system, data is no longer limited to specific media or data formats, further reducing costs. In a multi-client model, companies can share both data and infrastructure expenses with partners.

Locate and retrieve data quickly—in the right format.
Through a simple, powerful Web-browser interface, even casual E&P users can rapidly browse, locate and retrieve critical project data using multiple built-in search tools, including GIS-based, Google-search and traditional attribute query searches. Data is provided in standard industry formats ready for immediate use in their geotechnical applications, without need to reformat, move or load large amounts of information. Other features include GIS viewing, data previewing, and data ordering and delivery. Experienced data managers can leverage a separate Web-browser interface with advanced functionality to search, display and manipulate data.

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