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Drillworks® Expert

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nderstanding pore pressure and wellbore stabilities on a field or basin scale can improve drilling program performance and safety. Drillworks® Expert software is the industry’s most comprehensive system for regional pore pressure and geomechanical analysis and modeling. The package includes all the features of the Drillworks Standard and Pro packages, and advanced tools for regional pore pressure analysis and modeling.

Model the entire region accurately.

Integrate and calibrate multi-well pore pressure analysis with seismic and log data to build dynamic, regional or basin-wide pore pressure models for exploration, well planning and real-time analysis. Consider advanced geopressure mechanisms including hydrocarbon generation, thermal expansion, and subsalt geopressure to better analyze and predict pore pressures for challenging wells.

Stay ahead of the bit.

Leveraging LWD data transmitted via the WITS or WITSML™ standards, Drillworks Expert software can update the subsurface model in real time, providing the ability to predict pore pressure up to 1,000 ft ahead of the bit. This gives decision makers the time and the information to make better-informed drilling decisions.

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