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Drillworks® ConnectML™

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ven the best well plans include some level of uncertainty. While drilling, engineers can face unforeseen conditions including unplanned formations, pressure ramps, or narrower than expected drilling margins. To prevent problems and downtime, drilling teams need timely information at the well site to monitor wells or adjust mud and casing programs. Drillworks® ConnectML™ software provides real-time pore pressure and wellbore stability analysis, either at the well site or remotely using logging data acquired via the WITS or WITSML™ transmission protocols.

Reduce uncertainty in real time.

Drillworks ConnectML software allows you to retrieve WITS or WITSML industry-standard data for real-time pore pressure and geomechanical analysis. The technology not only computes pressure at the LWD sensor, providing the most accurate analysis of wellbore conditions, but also updates the basin model for real-time prediction up to 1000 feet ahead of the bit.

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