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ngineers & operations staff spend considerable time moving and recalculating data as it moves across applications. Simultaneously, experienced employees routinely guide less experienced staff because the industry lacks standard best practices. AssetConnect™ software solves the first challenge through an integrated, multi-user workflow environment that works with data from virtually any set of applications. Its streamlined, automated workflows are based on best practices, solving the second challenge. Engineers and asset teams can easily collaborate for rapid decision-making.

Get connected.
Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, connect any software application to create automated, multi-domain workflows. Once built, the technical workflows can be called automatically whenever needed, providing rigorous engineering analysis for decision support. Workflows can contain reservoir, wellbore, gathering system, facility, business, operational, drilling, and many other domain components, including spreadsheets.

Quickly run workflows and process data.
Analyzing a production environment manually can take hours. In the same amount of time, run automated AssetConnect workflows hundreds or even thousands of times to evaluate all possible scenarios. Make better decisions and get better performance.

Model uncertainty, optimize and incorporate experimental design.
With AssetConnect Expert, workflows can incorporate advanced work process capabilities such as Monte Carlo analysis, approximations, design of experiments, and optimization.

Scale up effectively.
Subject matter experts are often dispersed across an organization. AssetConnect Enterprise lets experts build and modify workflows from anywhere, and make them available to the entire organization. AssetConnect Enterprise centralizes and manages workflows across organizational domains or geographic locations, providing web access to models and workflows, and a collaborative environment for sharing and following best practices.

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