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eservoirs and equipment do not always follow “first physics” performance models. Operational efficiency can only be ensured by merging first physics models with real-time data. AssetSolver™ software seamlessly combines individual full-physics models and actual operating history data into a single integrated system optimization model. Models update and execute in seconds, allowing multiple operating scenarios to be tested in real time. Reduce uncertainty and risk, enhance production, and reduce costs – without sacrificing speed, accuracy, or safety.

Get 24/7 surveillance.
Today's complex operating environments generate too much information for an individual to understand and process. AssetSolver software running in the background acts as a "surveillance engineer" who never sleeps. The software tracks simple set point variations. It also looks holistically at any registered variable and determines whether the asset is operating safely and within performance limits, based on the company's guidelines and procedures.

Make better decisions in less time.
AssetSolver software gives teams unified, real-time support for optimal decision-making across the entire production value chain. Instead of waiting for simulation results or making decisions on individual judgments, AssetSolver proxy models provide results in seconds for decision support.
Handle uncertainty without sacrificing speed.
Using patented artificial intelligence technologies, AssetSolver software can create a proxy model of the full-physics simulator. It matches the accuracy of an analytical model or simulation (within specified operating limits) while dropping execution time to seconds. With a proxy model, teams have a robust real-time solution environment for secure, stable, and repeatable operations.

Go with a proven leader.
AssetSolver software uses proven technology, applied to mission-critical process and financial applications both inside and outside of oil and gas production. The software is used with more than 1,000 prediction, control, and optimization solutions around the world, some of which have been operating for well over 10 years.

Take control.
As oil and gas production incorporates more and more technology from other process industries, the possibility of closed loop control moves closer to reality. AssetSolver software is ready  to deploy these automatic control systems when you are.

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