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Thursday, 22 Mar 2018
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New Business Ventures: JVA, PRA, and PSA

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Starting New Ventures for a Current Business.

For the Oil and Gas companies, some countries which developed NOCs can access to global financing through partnerships and the creation of Joint Ventures (JV) in projects which require high capital investments. The JV can mitigate risks in big investment projects. New Venture enterprises are developing innovative technologies and business models that can play a vital role in sustainable economic development by delivering financial, environmental and social returns.

There is growing recognition among emerging countries of the need to move to a more environmentally sustainable model of economic growth. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets play a critical role in the economy by creating jobs and spurring growth, but face severe barriers in accessing finance to scale their businesses.

The Oil and Gas companies cope with big risks in exploration and require huge investments in production, research, development, drilling, operation, exploration, services and management. The SMEs like the National Oil Companies (NOCs) and the International Oil Companies  (IOCs) have a similar issue related to determine sources of financing and the best financing options.

SAPeduc can provide your company the business models to optimize its equity share in Joint Ventures and to model and evaluate the best alternatives. SAPeduc can provide also to your company the best optimized integrated solution in Joint Venture Accounting, Production Revenue Accounting, and Production Sharing with tailored enterprise trainings. In partnership with SafSoft Consulting, SAPeduc offers you the best of Joint Venture reports using JV-Link.