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Thursday, 22 Mar 2018
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Send your company training request by filling out the registration form or using the following email address:

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We provide expert trainers and all your company needs to make your corporate training a success.

We organize on-site, online and blended company training, and workshops.

We help your company on change request, incidents management, process design and improvement, business transformation, and customization.

We understand your huge company challenge for growth and request for knowledge transfer which enable the right people with the right responsability. We will help to achieve it with dedication.


I couldn´t be more delighted working with SAPeduc and Jay Ndiaye has been splendidly positive with the orientation he gaves to the employees where my expectations were exceeded. I unequivocally recommend SAPeduc and Jay Ndiaye to companies or those interested to improve their SAP practices, knowledge, and customization.

Navin Gupta, IBM - Shell, PMO