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AP Oil thinks differently about technology; we’re committed to breaking down the shackles of the silo-effect and creating a cohesive environment. With embedded intelligence that is ‘fit-for-purpose’ in the upstream world, quick-time-to-value and flexibility in execution, SAP Oil is leading the revolution and breaking free of traditional rigid ERP solution providers. Partners and customers around the world leverage SAP Oil's fit for purpose, oil and gas specific technology to accelerate asset development and return. We optimize each step in the process, enable pro-active decision-making, control costs and provide a transparent view of each asset and their dependencies. We provide a single platform to manage all activities from a ‘dot on the map’ to production and our work with clients confirms that this sharp level of focus brings about elimination of silos of information, poor data visibility across the organisation, duplications of effort and poor accounting practices.

For the following core business areas, SAP Oil’s International product portfolio includes:

Joint Venture Finance & Accounting

IDEAS - International oil and gas venture management software that manages finances, operations, business intelligence, workflow management, and supplier partner relationships specifically designed to accommodate the unique requirements of multi-national oil and gas operators. IDEAS can be used by international E&P companies from start-ups to major independents.

Enterprise Upstream (Production Management) - Financial and Production Management solution, which handles hydrocarbon accounting, Volumes Management, and Business Intelligence for International E&P companies from mid-size to super majors and NOC’s.



Reserves Management - Consolidates reserves volumes, classification, status, and changes to volumes into a single repository.

Wellcore - Allows E&P companies to efficiently manage and optimize well lifecycle from geology, construction, leasing, drillings and completion to reclamation.


Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE)

Beyond Compliance - An integrated compliance management system that helps organizations efficiently administer HSE and regulatory compliance obligations; facilitating field data collection and compliance-related workflow activities, including deficiency identification, corrective action management and reporting.

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