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Proactive Lease Management

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ave you ever drilled in the wrong place? Do you know who to pay? What are the terms & conditions?

SAP Oil has the solutions you need to increase drilling accuracy, operationalize your land holding, and understand your rights and obligations.

From exploring a hard copy or online map for potential leases to acquire to determining new rights to drill to paying owners correctly, proactive lease management is more critical than ever before. The increased complexity of the shale plays has certainly created an increased emphasis on proactive lease management. SAP Oil understands this and provides solutions to enable you to manage your valuable leases.

How does it work? SAP Oil’s integrated solutions bring data from land, operations, production, accounting and compliance together to enable you to know what you own, who you owe and when you can drill. This information ensures everyone in your organization has what they need to manage critical leases. These products work together to help our clients run their businesses better.

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