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Australia & Asia

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stimated to account for 2.5% of the world’s reserves*, but with major opportunities to expand the position: Accelerate Asset Development in Australasia.

The oil and gas industry is facing unprecedented growth in the Australasia region. The Asia-Pacific oil and gas industry is dominated by national oil companies with significant cash reserves and unrivalled access to domestic oil and gas resources. Successful companies, are considerably focused on building LNG export capacity to address the substantial natural resources and commitments to support the booming economies of the region. There are heavy investment and projects particularly around liquefied natural gas and coal seam gas (CSG).

Australia is the fifth largest exporter of liquefied natural gas and may usurp the number one spot held by Qatar in the next decade, the opportunities in the industry are huge. However there are looming deadlines ahead for operators to deliver to Japan and China. The necessity to produce fast and economically, maintaining high margins and adhering to HSE are significant and common a theme across the region. The challenges that Australian E&P companies are experiencing today around CSG and unconventional production are certainly intense but not uncommon on a global scale. The industry is evolving at an incredible pace with growing energy demands, led by China, fueling E&P exploration, development and spending. The exciting potential in Australia can be broken down further with the East Coast focus on unconventional exploration with Coal Seam Gas and the massive deep-water Capital projects on the west coast. Some of the most important questions that we are helping regional operators to answer include:

  • How do we accelerate asset development and drive increased production?
  • How can we address the skills shortage and – at times – lack of knowledge and experience in the region to maintain levels of E&P activity?
  • How can such a high volume of drilling activities be managed effectively and efficiently?
  • In the midst of all this activity, how do we maintain the highest safety abd environmental standards and comply with all local regulations?
  • How can we empower employees with information that is available to make meaningful decisions?

*Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy, June 2012

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