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Latin America

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einforcing Our Presence Where Needed Most


Latin America is estimated to account for 19.7% of the Global Total Reserves*

SAP Oil has supported the operations of E&P companies in Latin America (Latam) since the mid 90’s. During almost 3 decades, our company has evolved alongside the local industry’s domestic regulations and best practices, which in turn has driven deep upstream industry insight and expertise from which to model our products and services. Today, we proudly service a robust client base ranging from Start-Up juniors to International Joint Ventures and NOC’s in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and several other Latin American countries. To support our Latam customers in their daily and long term strategic E&P endeavors SAP Oil services locally include:

  • A bilingual Global Customer Support call center and web portal
  • Periodic Trainings for optimal use of the solutions, generation of reports and sharing of best practices
  • A regional User Group Meeting that allows for a roundtable discussion of current affairs, local regulations, product enhancements and also networking and best practices sharing between users
  • An office in Bogota, Colombia with a team of Consultants dedicated to the region with over 35 years of experience in O&G

Challenges in Latin America

Some of the challenges the Latin American region has faced since the rapid growth of the industry in the early 2000’s include:

  • Difficulty to expand operations into neighboring countries with different local regulations, maintaining compliance as well as efficiency and profitability
  • Infrastructure bottlenecks such as ground transportation, pipeline capacity, and port facilities
  • Political Instability
  • Young but rapidly growing offshore exploration initiative requiring leading edge technology, know-how, and best practices sharing
  • Consolidation efforts by local players with an international agenda requiring more transparency and control of their operations, through a robust accounting system manages that handles finances, operations, business intelligence, workflow management, and supplier partner relationships
  • Non-Conventionals
    • Declining reserves, most peaking prior to 2005
    • Partnering for the maturation of Non-Conventional activity performed by the more experienced and financially capable players due to the intense drilling environment required.
    • Performing accurate seismic evaluation, G&G data, and access to technology
    • Mitigating Environmental Impact

*Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy, June 2012

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