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any emerging and mid-sized oil and gas companies have the challenge of managing routine, recurring transaction processing and back-office administrative tasks, but are not necessarily ready to incur the costs of an internal accounting or land department staff. With SAP Oil Outsourcing, you gain the best of all administration solutions—a scalable staff of skilled professionals, the latest versions of sophisticated accounting, land and document management systems, and a low, predictable cost structure. SAP Oil Outsourcing allows you to remain focused on growth and profitability, ultimately increasing your return on assets.



SAP Oil Outsourcing customers gain access to a deep pool of expert resources performing services using the industry standard in financial, operational accounting and land management software. The system is upgraded biannually, providing SAP Oil Outsourcing with the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art oil and gas software. You are able to choose a service agreement with a predictable fee structure, improving the bottom line with cost-effective transaction processing.

SAP Oil Outsourcing provides you with access to documents in a secure Web environment anywhere and anytime you need them. Our services are compliant with regulatory and Sarbanes-Oxley and undergo a SSAE 16 audit each year. SAP Oil  Outsourcing produces timely and accurate joint interest billings, revenue disbursements and management reports more efficiently and at less cost than an in-house accounting team, allowing you to focus on optimizing your return on assets.

Remain focused on growth, profitability and increasing your return on assets and leave your back office to SAP Oil Outsourcing, the largest oil and gas outsourcing service in the United States.

Services of SAP Oil Outsourcing include:

  • Revenue Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Ad Valorem Tax Services
  • Joint Interest & Property
  • Land Records
  • Reporting
  • Finance & Treasury
  • Engineering

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