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Customer Communities

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ommunicate . Collaborate . Connect. SAP Oil’s customer communities offer an ideal networking environment for you and other SAP Oil users. Our boards and user groups offer an informal setting to exchange best business practices and discuss issues that are impacting today's oil and gas companies. SAP Oil is confident together, we can create an interactive venue that will provide value by allowing our customers to communicate, collaborate and connect at multiple levels.

Peer Interaction
Discussion of industry trends
Input into company & product direction
Sharing 'best practices'

For information about upcoming meetings or to join a community, please contact us.

Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

The Industry Advisory Board is an executive level partnership between SAP Oil and our customers that provides strategic direction, and assists SAP Oil with long-term, strategic product planning. The IAB is a small, consultative group that represents SAP Oil’s portfolio of products.


Customer Advisory Boards (CAB)

Customer Advisory Boards are product focused partnerships that aid SAP Oil to define long-term strategic product direction. The CABs are small, consultative groups representing functional business areas for each product.


User Groups

User Groups are generally customer-led product focused groups in which SAP Oil product specialists and management are encouraged to participate. These include updates of what’s new in the industry, plus recent product developments and new functionalities. The meetings are typically held as one common assembly accompanied by functional breakouts as needed.

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