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E&P vSpace Onsite

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ork together with us.
SAP Oil's E&P vSpace® Onsite service delivers fully managed cloud services hosted at your facility. Our experts will set up a vSpace cloud service optimized for your environment. Our preconfigured service bundles get you up and running in the cloud faster. Our services can be bundled with hardware, or you can opt to procure your own. The system is optimized and maintained from your office by SAP Oil cloud professionals.

We're on your side.
Our E&P vSpace Onsite hosting solution includes:

  • SAP Oil's vSpace cloud hosted at your facility, set up and optimized for your environment, and managed by SAP Oil cloud services professionals
  • Servers inside your network, with data and applications under your control
  • Support from our cloud service consultants wherever you need them

Partner with SAP Oil to bring our proven cloud computing architecture into your environment and let us manage it for you

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