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Advanced Production Management

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mpower teams.
Asset teams often struggle to get the information they need. When they do, working with the data can be difficult and time-consuming. There's a better way. SAP Oil Services offers a wide range of advanced production management solutions, including automated facilities management and optimization workflows, to help empower your team members.

Optimize technology assets with flexible solutions.
Our goal is to help you transform your business and maximize assets by enabling the safe, fast, and accurate decisions needed to find and recover every last drop of hydrocarbons. SAP Oil Services' extensive experience in production management solutions enables team members to access and share information easily. Our solutions include:

  • Well production modeling and performance management
  • Production workflow optimization
  • Injection system monitoring and optimization
  • Production material balance and allocation
  • Logistics management
  • Integrated production optimization

Our successful tried-and-tested approach to delivering tailored production management solutions can help to greatly improve your processes. We devise structured workflows for smarter decision-making – from intelligent, integrated well, network, and facilities models, to accurate production analytics, rule-based intelligence systems, and proxy models.

Our numerous advanced production management solutions include:

  • Smart production surveillance, such as daily production monitoring of the well operating envelope
  • Proactive event detection to prevent failures, such as ESP well failures
  • Operator advisory to help manage complex operations
  • Compressor start-up and management
  • Expert rules-based decision making for field operations management
  • Proactive, abnormal situation management

We develop solutions that work with any technology you require, while maximizing flexibility and optimizing existing technology assets. Our solutions are frequently driven by SAP Oil's DecisionSpace® Production open source technology platform, which supports solution-based workflow automation, but we can work with any software and technologies to deliver the right solution for your business.

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