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Master Data Management

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ccess a single source of the truth.
Today, more E&P data is stored in more places than ever before. Without a "single source of truth," no one really knows which data from what sources is more correct. SAP Oil's master data management solutions effectively create a single source so that you can make better and more timely decisions, lower operational costs, and meet regulatory requirements more easily.

Master your data.
Successful master data management requires more than the right software. It requires a combination of practices, governance, and technology to define trusted data, the rules and relationships around that data, and the processes to keep it current through time. Using a combination of SAP Oil technology and domain expertise, we apply business rules derived from best practices to build a master or "gold" database using only the trusted parts of all your data sources. The result is a single view of the truest data and the methods you need to keep it current, regardless of where it's stored.

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