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National Data Banks

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s global demand for oil increases, national oil ministries are focusing on attracting greater investment and increasing the number of participating companies. For potential new entrants to a market, the key to success is timely access to high-quality data.

Increase investment with easy-to-access data.
With the Internet, portals, and new software technologies, national data centers have an unprecedented opportunity to increase exploration and production investments by:

  • Increasing exposure
  • Improving transparency
  • Improving access to geological data

Benefit from multi-client access.
Used in more than 20 national data centers around the world, SAP Oil's PetroBank® Master Data Store™ database has been designed from the ground up to solve the complex security and entitlement challenges of providing multi-client access to central data stores. Our solution is backed with end-to-end expert service and best practices leveraged from our consultants' experience in planning, deploying and operating these implementations.

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