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E&P Application Deployment Services

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AP Oil's Smart DeploySMprogram is a proven, managed approach to getting the most from new technology. The program can be delivered as an end-to-end solution for an entire deployment or customized as needed. The program has four main components:

Smart ChangeSM A set of best practices and processes that encourage adoption and increase the speed of uptake.

Smart StartSM A program for conducting pre-installation data access and system checks to ensure users can take full advantage of new software.

Smart FlowSM Using workflow mapping and optimization, facilitation techniques, and our domain knowledge, we evaluate asset team workflows and map them to new SAP Oil technologies.

Smart SkillsSM A training program that uses a combination of delivery methods and techniques to quickly get users up-to-speed with new technology. These include short and focused practical sessions including mentoring engagements and Workflow NuggetsSM—modular workshops for improving workflows, using your own data and processes.

Value for Your Business

  • Effective implementation based on best practices and proven methodologies
  • Optimized software configurations for your environment and workflows
  • Rigorous project management to help ensure on-time and on-budget deployment
  • Faster uptake and increased adoption of technology resulting from effective change management, training and mentoring
  • Reduced time away from the office with task specific mentoring workshops

Go the extra mile.
SAP Oil's Extra Mile program uses the Smart Flow and Smart Skills components of the Smart Deploy program to help you transition to DecisionSpace® software, our workflow-centric application environment. Using our workflow mapping and optimization processes to map your current workflows to DecisionSpace workflows, our experts can provide a visual picture of the changes needed to reach your goals. The Extra Mile program will help you achieve consistent work processes across teams and even globally.

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