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  • Cloud Services

    E&P enterprises typically run complex, graphics-intensive applications on multiple operating systems and database platforms in different locations. SAP Oil cloud services, based on the vSpace® cloud, brings these diverse applications and systems together via a single user interface. Whether hosted from one of our worldwide data centers or your own facility, our cloud-based solutions can deliver secure access to data and applications with up to 99+ percent uptime assurance.

  • Intelligent Operations

    In the world of drilling and production operations, time is short, data is voluminous and decision-making is complex. This challenging environment can be further complicated by uncertain or inefficient processes, poor quality data, and ineffective communication and collaboration among asset teams. Whether you need to optimize drilling, production, or facilities management, our Intelligent Operations solutions can help improve teams' efficiency and response times through collaborative workflow automation that streamlines operations and improves productivity.

  • Information Management

    With more than 30 years' experience planning, deploying, and operating hundreds of information management projects, we can help you make more effective use of your information assets. By combining the right technologies with best practices, we can help your company achieve greater productivity.

  • Technology Adoption

    Technology is a key catalyst for improving and accelerating business decisions. But without the right adoption plan, workflows can be disrupted and valuable time lost. Realize the complete value of your technology investment right from the start. Our change management strategies and proven consulting offerings help ensure the rapid and successful deployment of SAP Oil software.

  • Education Services

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